Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympic Fever

I LOVE the Olympics! I love watching the competitions, I love learning about and watching sports I never would have been into otherwise (like water polo, or shooting) and I love the camaraderie of nations coming together, and I love cheering for the outstanding athletes of my country.

For the past few nights Jeff and I have stayed up until around one and two o'clock in the morning, watching all the events we can (at that hour, it's been volleyball!). He'll even bring in the laptop and we'll watch the events we missed during the day on

Now, for anyone who may have been watching last night, perhaps you caught the women's team gymnastics event. Coming into it, China was favored to win the gold. These girls, some of them rumored to be underage, have practically been trained since fetuses to be flippin', twirlin', balancing machines. So, enter Team USA. They're feisty and adorable, just putting everything out there, trying to beat China. NO pressure. So Alicia Sacramone, amid the pressure of perfection, falls on her balance beam routine. Trying to shake off the disappointment she obviously felt with herself, Alicia tries to find a moment to herself, tries to pull it together before her next event, and the cameras just won't get off of her.

So, long story short, the team is rattled and makes some mistakes afterward, but still does well and earns the silver medal. Now, there were two things I have to wonder afterward:
#1: since when was earning a silver medal in the Olympics such a terrible thing that the media was tearing this team to shreds afterward?
#2: at what point does the NBC reporter who interviewed Alicia afterward, think that enough punches to the gut are enough? With questions like, "Your team was obviously let down after that fall. How does that make you feel?" and "So, you know that fall may have cost your team the gold, how will you ever be able to look at yourself in the mirror ever again?" By the end of the interview, Alicia was, rightly, in tears, and I was so furious at that reporter I could have decked her. Leave her alone!
What was awesome was that after the medals ceremony, that same reporter then had a go at the whole team. She starts firing away at Alicia again, but this time the team defended her, backed her up, and Shawn Johnson reminded us that, after all, they did win a silver at the Olympics- something to be very proud of.

Someone should have that reporter interview the men's gymnastics team. Watching their enthusiasm and triumph brought me to tears. I'd like to see someone tell them not to be proud of their bronze medals.


Misty said...

I work at night so, I haven't been able to see the olympics very much. But, I have a cool story to tell ya. I work here at the Ronald McDonald House where families from all over the world come to Cincinnati for medical treatment. The other night, I saw families from Italy, Greece, China, Puerto Rico, Kuwait, and United States (of course!) all watching and cheering for "their" team. It was beautiful. It made me love the olympics even more. They didn't speak eachother's languages but, understood when their guys were winning. :)

G said...

Seriously friendo. I about died when that reporter asked her if she felt guilty, or placed the blame on herself for "the loss". Whatever. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who was angry.

Hannah Johnson said...

Oh my heavens!!! I had to laugh when I saw your post-because if it wasn't for the fact that I have a million school post to do for my kids I was going to post about the Olympics too! hee hee! I love, love, love the Olympics and am currently getting dark circles under my eyes from staying up way longer than I should watching them-but I can't help it!

I was just as dissapointed in the media reaction to the silver medal. SOOOO many reasons why they got silver and yet still a major accomplishment. Don't even get me started on the judging. In my opinion there was too much leanancy for china and nothing but tough love for the USA. grrrrr.... I'm so glad you posted about this. I feel better now that I vented too! :)

Anonymous said...

I am with you 100%. I get so ticked when the commentators are saying how impressive the China team or whoever are and then they only point out when team USA mens and womens gymnastics messed up. Brian and I got a little upset... but I love watching the Olympics and have been recording them when I'm at work. The judges on the sports they rate them (synchronized diving, gymnastics, etc.) they are always toucher on the USA mens and womens teams.... ridiculous!!! But I love watching them none-the-less!!!!

Jessica said...

Some of the reporters they have really suck! The one for the swimming is not much better! Poor Alicia. I think it was so great that they could hold onto the silver even after all the mistakes!

Rebecca said...

The Watsons have a blog!?

Randy and I totally agree with you. We also feel for Michael Phelps. Tonight (like 5 minutes ago) I heard a reporter say "...if Michael Phelps is mortal." Yeah no pressure. It's like if he doesn't win gold in everything he does he will be a failure. As if winning oh say 7 medals instead of 8 isn't freakin amazing!!

Email me so I can invite you to read our blog!

Rebecca said...

Okay after reading over your blog entries, I can see why you didn't tell me you had a blog...YOU WERE IN NORTH CAROLINA AND DIDN'T CALL!! tsk tsk tsk

AmShaZam said...

Rebecca! What's up, yo? I have to tell ya- I looked at your photo blog and your pictures are AMAZING! As for North Carolina this year- we flew into Wilmington this time, instead of Raleigh, and had no car. We had to bum rides off family and were restricted to their schedules. So, no travels to Fayetteville. :(