Sunday, July 18, 2010

Amber finds a friend, and her way back to blogspot.

So, if anyone out there is still reading this blog, guess what? I'm making a NEW POST! I wasn't sure this day would come, but the mood hit me, and here I am- makin' a post. If it were basketball, I would be posting up. If I made breakfast cereal, I would be Post. If I were a mail carrier, I'd be the postal service.


Yesterday, Jeff and I went with my friends Lindsay and Kirstin for a bike ride around West Mountain. It was a very hot day with no shade. About five miles from the end of our ride, and out in the middle of nowhere, we stopped briefly for a water break, and Jeff and I heard a mewing coming from the tall weeds. Within a few seconds this teeny, little kitten emerged, mewing his head off and coming for us as fast as he could. He headed for my foot and rubbed against it, looking at me earnestly and mewing. I was too busy geeking out about how so, so, adorably cute the little thing was, so Jeff got to him before I could. He scooped him up and instantly the kitten was all purrs and nudges into Jeff's chest. Well, we couldn't just leave him.

So, kitten in one hand, steering his bike with the other, Jeff rode the little guy back to our car.

(And what a fine car it is!)

Lindsay, Kirstin and I tried to get a little open water swim in, but the water was so annoyingly shallow for so long, and the bottom so rocky and slimy, that we called the swim off and headed back to shore.
Next, Jeff and I set our sights for Genola, a few miles away, where his sister lives and where the kids were playing with their cousins. And on the way, we named our little traveler Garmin, for he had been lost, but at last we found each other. Once there, and as expected, everyone else fell for his sweet, little face and cuddly, loving personality as much as we had.

The day turned out to be a pretty awesome one, complete with water balloons, sprinklers, a trampoline, good food, an ice cream party, and some porch sitting at dusk, watching the sun set and the moon rise.
Sadly, my little buster breaks out in a massive allergic reaction when he tries to get near the kitten, so we asked Jeff's sister if she would allow Garmin to make his home with her family and their cats. She said yes, so we let him nudge our chins once more, and we headed for home.