Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Today's Reasons to Love and Hate the Snow

I took this picture at Sundance, which was sunny and beautiful today.

And here I am, cross-country skiing with one of my professors, Christa.

And now, here's Carter. He was also out in the snow today, only his sled bounced him off and he took the icy snow pretty hard in the face. He is cut up from forehead to chin and is starting to bruise, but is taking his wounds like a champion.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Seven Random Things About Me

My sister Elise tagged me. Now you must all be subjected to my life's mundanity.

1. I was born in Iowa. Say, "Iowa, Ohio, Idaho, Utah" three times really fast and you almost have the story of my life!

2. I have secret desires to be a rock climber and a cyclist. What I lack in equipment and skill I hope to make up for in old-fashioned drive and gumption. (Okay, I guess this still doesn't fix the equipment issue.) By the way, check out the guns on that chick!

3. Some of my biggest weaknesses are J.Crew, peanut M&Ms, and the call of a chair on the porch on a nice, sunny day.

4. I felt the Twilight books were so-so, and I (gasp!) still haven't seen the movie. I guess I'm waiting until it comes out on video.

5. There are VERY few foods I don't like. Actually, it's limited to mayonnaise, ranch dressing on salads, and cole slaw. And if you think about it, these are really one and the same animal. Yichy.

6. No picture for this one. I don't really like TV or movies, either. I don't know why they drive me crazy, they just do. So, unless it's The Office (and a few seasons ago- whichever is out on video right now), asking me if I've seen something on TV is a real conversation killer.

7. This is my last semester of school! I graduate with my Bachelor's (finally!) this spring!!! I've loved the experience and have loved UV, but seriously...done.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Some of you asked for this...some of you didn't.

For this year's Relief Society Christmas program, we decided to shake things up a bit.

Going on the Donny and Marie Christmas Special theme, I wrote a script for two dear souls willing to impersonate the duo in all their cheeseball splendor. Robbie and Megan were good sports...and eerily resembled the Osmonds.

We also had celebrity appearances from Elvis and Dolly Parton- both of whom were awesome!

I was Karen Carpenter for the evening...Merry Christmas, Darling.