Friday, January 9, 2009

Seven Random Things About Me

My sister Elise tagged me. Now you must all be subjected to my life's mundanity.

1. I was born in Iowa. Say, "Iowa, Ohio, Idaho, Utah" three times really fast and you almost have the story of my life!

2. I have secret desires to be a rock climber and a cyclist. What I lack in equipment and skill I hope to make up for in old-fashioned drive and gumption. (Okay, I guess this still doesn't fix the equipment issue.) By the way, check out the guns on that chick!

3. Some of my biggest weaknesses are J.Crew, peanut M&Ms, and the call of a chair on the porch on a nice, sunny day.

4. I felt the Twilight books were so-so, and I (gasp!) still haven't seen the movie. I guess I'm waiting until it comes out on video.

5. There are VERY few foods I don't like. Actually, it's limited to mayonnaise, ranch dressing on salads, and cole slaw. And if you think about it, these are really one and the same animal. Yichy.

6. No picture for this one. I don't really like TV or movies, either. I don't know why they drive me crazy, they just do. So, unless it's The Office (and a few seasons ago- whichever is out on video right now), asking me if I've seen something on TV is a real conversation killer.

7. This is my last semester of school! I graduate with my Bachelor's (finally!) this spring!!! I've loved the experience and have loved UV, but seriously...done.


Amber said...

I thought I was the only one who didn't totally go crazy over the Twilight books. Nice to know there are others out there. (I read the first one and it was okay- I might rent the movie someday on video...)

Rachel said...

Yay! As you know, I love memes. Love to do them, especially love to read them! [High Fives you]

Jessica G. said...

Actually...I've been re-reading the books and got to admit that I wonder why I was so goo-goo eyed over them.

And our friendship might be in serious jeopardy over the ranch dressing issue.

Joe and Melissa Vega said...

I didn't know you don't like Ranch on salads. Weirdo:) I could put ranch on EVERYTHING

I liked the Twilight books but am not impressed with the author's writing style.

The funny thing is I LOVE tv and movies and despite our differences I love you to pieces and will always consider you a BFF:)

mistyb said...

I still haven't read the Twilight books. Have no desire to either...I knew almost all of these tidbits (except for the mayo part!) My husband hates all mayo derivatives too!

Jessica said...

I think I knew most of those-does that mean I count as a BFF? I am totally with you on the Ranch thing and peanut M&M's and porch sitting (sigh)-wish I was doing some of that right now! :)

Elise Padigimus said...

I'm so glad that you finally did this!! Fun facts about Amber :) I pretty much get spoiled living in Idaho and having Grandma re-stash her M&M's all the time!!! It's the best ever :)

G said...

Amber.....we are kindred spirits. The Twilight books -meh-, and the movie totally stunk. You're not missing anything.

Five Bloomin' Beauties said...

I CAN believe you didn't like the "Twilight" series. I wasn't a fan myself and thought there were way too many teenage girls reading these. Just my opinion! I diddo your comment on tv and movies too. You should live closer to me, why don't you move here?

rkshsmith said...


I'm sure if you wrote a book about Cheetos and M&Ms I would like it! I only read the first Twilight book and the movie looks scarey, come on is that what young girls think is a good-looking guy? He sure isn't what I thought Edward would look like, but I wouldn't mind getting rich writing books, too bad I have no talent for it. I like Elise's comment about Grandma's M&Ms they are always restocked along with other candy that we all like and eat too much of when we are there. Is that you climbing the rock, man you are the bomb! What are you going to do after you graduate? Run and climb rocks?