Sunday, June 14, 2009

Oh. And about a month ago, I turned 30.

The cruel irony of this sign on our garage is that it was the one I'd made for Jeff when HE turned 30. He found it somehow, somewhere, and I guess this means turn about is fair play. In fact, Jeff both scored and struck out this birthday. On the one hand, he served me breakfast in bed. On the other, he forgot to get me a gift, so he gifted me something he'd previously purchased for himself: a universal remote. This would be great but...yeah. Remember how I watch about 3 hours of TV a year? Ah, well. He did give me permission to buy myself something!

Yeah, so over a month ago, I totally graduated.

I know, most everyone in the world already knows this. But I thought I would post on it anyway. It is my offering to the blog world, since I seem to have disfellowshipped myself from it. In truth, since graduating I've been afraid of my computer. The thought of sitting down to it still makes me shudder. Most days, I jump on, check e-mail and Facebook, then shut it down just as quickly. I think I'm afraid I'll have to write a 20-page report if I stay on too long or something.