Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ah, Politics!

Yesterday Elaina and Carter came home with "I Voted!" stickers on their shirts because at Lindon Elementary, the kids decided the elections were unfair. They didn't understand why parents got to vote and they didn't. So, they held elections of their own, and were allowed the opportunity to experience a semblance of democracy in action.

"You got to vote? Really?" I asked.

"Yeah!" They replied, stickers brandished.

"So, who did you vote for?"

Elaina quickly piped, "I voted for McCain."

"Why?" I wanted to see if they were truly informed voters.

"Because," she immediately and matter-of-factly replied, "He has a woman vice president."

Of course.

"Carter, who did you vote for?"

His answer was so loud and enthusiastic it startled me. "BARACK OBAMA!!!"

"Okay," I laughed, "why?"

He shrugged.



Joe and Melissa Vega said...

hahaha, i totally remember one year as a kid they brought in a polling machine and we got to vote. Not sure who I voted for though.

Elaina and Carter's voting philosopies are priceless:) We'll see which one of them picked the winning candidate?!?!?!

Rebecca said...

Kaylee got to vote at school too. She came home the day before their voting, told me who she was going to vote for, and then got an ear full as to why I was not going to vote for that person. She changed her vote. But, all she can talk about is how funny it was that her friend, Chloe, voted for Bob Barr. In all reality, my kids are still chanting "M-I-T-T, Mitt's the man for me."

AmShaZam said...

Oh, if only!

I can remember, when I was about nine, the Bush/Dukakis presidential election. It is so vivid to me because I still believed in absolutions, and my parents were absolutely voting for Bush. (Translation: Bush=good, Dukakis=bad.) And then I overheard my teacher at the time, who I loved, discussing the elections with a colleague. "I wouldn't vote for Bush if he were the only man running!"

So, did this mean my teacher was bad? That she was on the dark side? Were my parents on the dark side? That experience has been popping up a lot today. Maybe it's because I have a little "me" watching and listening as I had done back in '84.

Meg said...

I remember when I was in Kindergarten...I voted for George Washington. :-P

How cute their reasons were!!


I hate politics.

somestratt said...

Honesly, those answers are probably the same as many Americans who did vote yesturday. Sad, sad, sad.

Jessica G. said...

Hey, a shoulder shrug is a great reason to vote for Obama! I wonder how many adults would give that same reason...

Luv2run said...

I love Elaine's comment about a woman vice president. :-)

Amber said...

Jacob was very opinionated about the election as well. He said that he didn't want Barack Obama to win because he would "take all our cash away." Oops- I guess he's listening to a little too much conservative talk radio!

G said...

Update this thing already. C'mon, the natives are getting restless.