Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Wanna Play, Too!

Alright, it's game time!

A few of my blogging friends have started this game, and it's been so much fun to read theirs, that I thought I would start one, too. All you have to do is leave a message with your best/funniest/most awesome memories of me! And then, you start the same game on your blog, and I respond to yours! It's a way to take a nice stroll down memory lane, and dredge up some embarrassing moments, all at the same time!

And okay, none of the children in this picture are me. It's just such a fabulous picture, I had to use it here. It's my older brother Keith, and my little sisters Kimberly and Gina. If any of these people actually blogged, maybe they could have a say in the usage of their pictures!


Joe and Melissa Vega said...

Oh Amber, Amber, Amber.....where do I begin!!! Who knew when we took that little sunbeam picture with me with my finger in my mouth and you holding your dress out that we would be BFF forever.

I remember coming to your house as a small kid when Sis. Engleking babysat me and she would bring her kids over for violin lessons. There seemed to be so many rooms in your house...and so many beds. I remember you and your blue glasses and your exema.

Do you remember in High School when you wrote down your outfits every day of the week so you didn't duplicate? I did it too and I thought it was the best idea ever.

How about the early morning seminary days???? you would put your mascara (navy blue tube) on but it always seemed like you would pull your eye lashes out first. I remember that we ate so much for breakfast those days. You always wore HUGE shirts but you loved to shop at the Limited!!!

Oh, how about the time we polished off a whole thing of waffle cone ice cream in 1.5 sittings. Wow, we were hungry!!!!

I remember when I moved to Hilliard and was known as "The Girl From Texas." Thankfully you didn't hold grudges and we were instantly friends again.

How about Sta-M-DEO? Or Matto, Matto, Matto is a jerk? Or how about when we had shoes died to match our prom dresses?? Remember when we went to homecoming?? There was a third girl and she had a really pretty pink dress{wink}.

I will never forget the day you tried out for Hello Dolly and blew your competition out of the water. I remember us running to the call back sheet to find out you had made lead. You were amazing!!!

We had good times together in Wildcat, Senior Choir....oh and remember when we traded each other's homework in the library??? Remember our one teacher that would rub her leg all the time:)

How about when I came to visit you in Idaho and we went to Big Al's? I still can't believe you could finish that whole burger. I remember we went to a park at night after the dance and you sang Counting Crows Songs.

And I will never forget the summer after you became "awesome" and I became "great" and we sang our hearts out to Celine Dion. We had such wounded souls.

You were in my wedding, I was in yours. Oh, how about when you lived in the mortuary. That was a fun place to visit!! Or how about when I came to help take care of you when Elaina was born. She was so tiny and you were so....well, let's just say I had never see you like that.

Thank you for all the great memories you shared with me. You truly are a friend for life and I feel so blessed to have you in my life. We have never faught or squabbled or had drama....well there was that one time at youth conference, but we got over it quick:) No guy could keep us a part!!

Love ya forever and ever!!! You truly are a best friend that I love to pieces! Come to AZ to see us soon:)

Hannah Johnson said...

First...wow, I have to follow Melissa's comments? blast! LOL Second...ok my memories ;) Remember the time you and I had a singing competition in the back of a car or van or vehicle of some kind-lol and then continued it in the primary room of the Stake Center? We were both singing "I Will Always Love You" Whitney Houston's version because it was all over the radio with Bodyguard out in the Theatres? That was so much fun..and man did it put our friends in the hot seat as judges! HEHE

How about the time you and Gina and I sang for some church thing and we were practicing at your house while your mom played piano but we were all slap happy and couldn't stop giggling?-your mom was so frustrated with us that day!

Oh I remember Youth Conferences too *wink, wink-both of you*, and Dances and various other stake youth activities. Lots of great times! I loved how Frank and Mark always sang to those silly songs with a million words-it always cracked me up! *sorry that was a slip in memory of other friends ;)*

What about CHRISTOPHER?! Oh my heavens that was soooo much fun. I have to admit though, the year you were queen I was a bit jeleous at first, but when you were all dressed up and came out with the spot light on you-you looked amazing and all was as it should be, of course! Remember all of us messing around on the ship after the shows were over? I have some pretty fun pictures of that time *warning: said pictures mentioned will most likely appear in a Flashback Friday*

So most of my memories with you involve music of some form or another. lol I do also remember lots of parties at my house and some at Melissa's and some at Becky's that I have great memories from too. "Leaping Lepracauns" anyone? LOL...um that's another Frank and Mark memory-haha

How about sledding? Snow days were not as common as they should have been during the snowing/icy months of winter in OH. But when we got them we took advantage of them ;)

I will always be greatful for the amazing group of friends that I grew up with. We were all so lucky in so many ways back then! I'm so glad that we've gotten in touch with each other again-love ya!

Hannah Johnson said...

ok I just thought I'd let you know now, I still can't spell and my writting skills are greatly lacking. ;) sorry!

Jessica said...

Wow, this is a hard game! I have so many memories in the little time we have known eachother. First that comes to mind is, "Well Ladies I have had some spicy food..." front porch sitting, combined dinners, PG pool, hours spent on young women's activities, long talks, yoga, cabin trips, game nights, girls camp x 2 (1 cold, 1 hot), ice cream, Cafe Rio, etc...the list goes on. My best memory is of the friend that I have and can always count on. Thanks for sticking with me even when I up and moved away! I count you as one of my dearest friends.

Misty said...

Ok, I'll try to be brief. But, how can I condense it all? All the happy/sad/crazy/fun times. Ok, here goes: Dan's piano lessons, Dan telling me he wanted to "go out" with you, talking with you on temple trips, girl's camp and singing around the fire, private violin lessons from you, getting in trouble from your dad because of "that Ison boy" and how late we liked to stay out, working in the garden at your house, the house toilet papering incident, looking up to you ALWAYS (your clothes, your popularity, your talents) you and Melissa being so mature in Young Women's that I couldn't WAIT to be a Laurel, driving to Red White and Boom (wasn't I with you when I got the speeding ticket??) so many Seminary memories, yes, Hello Dolly, sitting outside the church building looking at the moon, seeing the guys you dated and thinking, oh, c'mon Amber! You can do SO much better!!!, I think there are more, I'm just forgetting them. Love you lady!

AmShaZam said...

Well, I guess I asked for it- some of these are pretty embarassing! But wow, a few of these memories, like the singing contest, Hannah? The Englekings and violin lessons, Melissa? Some of these I had nearly forgotten! And Misty, I'm glad you were protective of me- I dated some pretty serious boneheads. And come on, Christopher? There's a whole list of memories in and of itself!! And Jessica, now we can add Seven Peaks to our list of good times! This is fun.

kelli said...

Hey! I know that this isn't really a "blog", but I don't know how to navigate this site. Anyway, this is Kelli from high school. I was looking for you on facebook and myspace, but you try finding a "Smith" on those. Yeah! Not easy!
So I found Dan Ison and he gave me this site. You can find me at facebook and myspace as Kelli Bennett Cooke. You can also e-mail me at kellimi@comcast.net.

I hope to hear from you! I've also been looking for Sophia, but no luck yet.