Sunday, June 22, 2008

Running Scared, Part 2

Wa-hoo! We did it!!! This is Diane, Kelsey, Lindsay, me, Liz, and Jeanine, the six teammates in my van. The other six members of our team were in another van. (By the way, a BIG thank you to Andra, my sister-in-law, for letting us use her van! It was a champ: tons of room, excellent A/C and big windows for decorating. :)

So, our 12-man team did Ragnar in 33 hours and everyone took the race like a rock star. We were all within our projected times, some of us even shaving time off, kicking butt and taking names. I never really saw the people in the other van, but the ladies in our van did awesome. Running two of our legs in 95+ degrees, running on zero sleep and with little substantial food, this race was definitely brutal. But we did it, and I think the six of us should be really proud of ourselves. I know I did better than I thought I would, which is cool.

The good news: none of us were eaten by bears or cougies. The bad news: I am so tired!

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Jessica said...

Wow, you guys are my hero! Sounds like a tough race. Way to go! Love the pics!